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Why seminary? Both Ben and Hope are pursuing a Master of Divinity (MDiv) and Ben is simultaneously completing a one-year Theology of Ministry (ThM) degree in preaching for two reasons: one pertaining to effectiveness and the other to need. Our seminary training is like a bowl full of all the ministry food groups: biblical languages, systematic theology, church history, homiletics, hermeneutics and exegesis, counseling, and more! Our training requires a sharp mind and a soft heart, both of which we pray the Lord will continue to develop in us as we finish seminary and beyond. The second reason is that our time period desperately needs "special forces"—rigorously equipped church leaders for a new generation of Christians. For Ben, we see God preparing him to preach and shepherd a flock in a senior pastorate. For Hope, we sense God preparing her for discipleship ministry.  We need women steeped in God’s Word who will raise up another generation of women to love the Lord with their whole person—heart, mind, body, and soul—in whatever station God calls them.

What are our plans after seminary? Our heart is set on church ministry, and we envision pursuing it together along one (or both) of two paths. The first path leads to local church ministry in the United States. This could take the shape of church revitalization or planting. Ben is currently on track to be ordained as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church. Hope will use her gifts for apologetic evangelism and discipleship, particularly discipling government officials and staff as God has already been opening doors in this direction.  The second path leads to overseas missions. After growing up for some time in Europe as a missionary kid, Hope has held a strong desire to serve our Lord Jesus overseas. Ben is excited about this possibility, too. We are together discerning the appropriate timing for overseas ministry, whether or not it is immediately after seminary or in years to follow. 

Why invest in our training? Our three-year MDiv program and Ben's one-year ThM is nothing new. Actually, Jesus’ disciples completed the first three-year MDiv, and they were taught by the Master Himself! Women traveled with the disciples to fund Jesus' ministry and the disciples' training (Luke 8:1-3). Our tuition and living expenses may look slightly different than the first-century disciples, but the principle remains the same. Seminary is step one of ministry. As a missionary works to serve the church, so a student should labor in seminary: with prayerful and financial support from God’s People. As you send us, this in turn confirms the call in our lives individually and as a couple – when God calls, He surely provides. It is also an opportunity for brothers and sisters to invest eternally in the kingdom. Gospel partnership truly is joyful!

Why Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary? The seminary is an interdenominational evangelical seminary located in South Hamilton, MA, just northeast of Boston. Its mission is "to advance Christ's Kingdom in every sphere of life by equipping Church leaders to think theologically, engage globally and live biblically." See  Gordon-Conwell's website for more information.
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